Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


We have been operating since 1980 in Hazel Sector. We have perfect connection and contacts with the best producers-exporters in Turkey by means of our long year and continuous existence and operations in the sector. We make business with Certificated and settled producers. Therefore, we are in a position that we can supply the best hazel of high quality at the most suitable rates in Germany as an importer. The things that are more important for us are to inform our customers before and after the business contracts with detailed information, to provide the best service to them, and our principles on ensuring the contracts to be done completely.

Our said services are appreciated not only by our customers in Germany but also by those in the various European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and France.
We have excellent commercial connection with small and big Industrial Companies located in these countries through our long service in this sector

We will be glad to see your Company among our customers.

Best Regards

Harun Alkıvılcım

Peter Dirim


H&P Handels GmbH
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